These pages will document the development, building, testing and launching of the latest ship’s in the Walnut navy.  You will be able to follow the initial sailings of each ship and where permission has been gathered you can delve into the mission of the ships, whether they are along in the ocean or in a fleet all with the same destination.

Below are the fist few ships produced by the GoneNuts Navy Yards.  As more and more ships are design, tested and launched postings of each vessel, it’s tonnage, it’s captain and it’s mission will be available on-line.

Just released is the material list of the ships.  The Admiralty has deemed this information cannot harm the voyage of these vessels.
Each ship is carved out of a Walnut shell, the decking is Basswood, the masts are Oak and the sails are Maple.  The rigging is woven cotton thread.
Once the construction is complete, each ship is has 3 coats of Crystal Clear Varathane.

What you see here are just the beginnings of a full navy.  Future plans have Pirate ships docking at an island, pursuing British Schooners, Spanish battles and eventually an armada of vessels sailing towards a Pirate island.

There are plans in the works on having each piece “fit” into each other like a big puzzle so in the end one will be a large ocean themed Diorama.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I had making the.  Onwards towards the dawn and may the wind be always at your back.

Tossing in the waves Ship Size Birds Eye View Birds Eye View 2

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