The Lookout Tower

January 5, 2014 | Posted in: The Beginning Post

Clock Tower Details Clock Tower Right Side Lost Native Cave Village Spire's Reach Fire Top of Lighthouse Tower Lookout Tree Spirit

The above is a small sample of what will soon be available to all.  Each piece is custom carved out of Cottonwood bark or carved out of Walnut Shells.

As each piece is a custom item, please email me so we can define your requirements and timelines.

Apart from the carving of the pieces, I will be creating stories of each group of items.  Together they will tell a story of daring sea adventures, treks through the Woods of Inverness and the solitude of the Lighthouse Keeper.


I specialize in creating Dioramas in Walnut shells. And in keeping within the realm of Walnuts, I build fleets of sailing ships from the period of exploration and pirates.

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